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GEOScan Seismic Surveying

SACC GEOScan has successfully partnered with GeoProxima in the area of conducting seismic surveys

 GeoProxima operates in subsurface scanning through seismic surveying and have partaken in multiple studies and projects all around Europe
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About GeoProxima
GeoProxima is an Australian company focused on geodata processing and presenting a breakthrough in mathematics applied to Geophysics.

The journey started 15 years ago when a Slovak company decided to finance basic mathematical research in the field of Signal, Curve, Image, Surface and Volume analysis. Mathematicians and scientists as a part of our team have been involved in this research for the last 30 years.

Results of our scientific research are mathematically correct and proven technologies which are unique. These results have never been achieved before despite of huge effort of the mathematicians as of begnning of mathematics.

This exceptional result has an important impact on digital data processing of Signal, Curve, Image, Surface and Volume. It opens unique abilities in many segments of digital data analysis to extract more precise information from the digital data and moreover to get information which couldn't be accessible by using other existing technologies. All our analysis is fully automatic.

GeoProxima applies this technology in the field of geophysical data processing. Today, geophysicists are dealing with huge amounts of digital data being acquired by various methods. These have to be analysed in order to extract meaningful and precise information.

 Our results are stable and accurate.
This will help faster and more precisely pinpoint key geophysical features and resources.


  Pavol Ihring - Managing Director
Paul Ihring: Relevant Education & Experience:
Degree in physics
Teacher of Mathematics and Physics
Observational Astronomer at Solar observatories in Slovakia and Australia
35 years in management in IT industry & Software development.
For the last 15 years Paul has financed and managed fundamental mathematical research in digital, signal, image, surface and volume analysis