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Dear partners, dear associates, dear supporters of Slovak-Asian Chamber of Commerce, dear friends 


The global influence of the Slovak-Asian Chamber of Commerce will not only relate to the fact that we will become an important hub for connecting China with Slovakia and Europe and East with West. Our real impact will be related to the fact that the usual activities that are typical for the Chambers of Commerce, will stand in our case on principled attitudes and values.

Let me briefly summarize in five points the cornerstones of our attitudes and values.



On the long-term perspective, the development of the world can rely only on the development of the national economies. Therefore, honestly, we are concerned about the development of Chinese and Slovak national economies. And in the implementation of international projects, we also have in mind the development of the national economies of the countries in which we operate.



The development of national economies is not possible without an adequate knowledge level of the nations. So, we see the foundation of intellectual, cultural, scientific and technological development of nations in improving the quality of education. Therefore, the sphere of education belongs to the key areas of our interest. We have ambitions to enrich the world with new visions, approaches and solutions in this realm.



We consider the national cultural and historical traditions the basic pillars of civilization. China is one of the cradles of mankind. This fact, as well as the fact that the presence of Chinese people in its territory is age-old, is obvious to the whole world.

We Slovaks have to face the interpretations of traditional European historiography that associates the arrival of the Slavs in the Central European region with the third-fourth centuries. Anyhow, the latest research in molecular genetics says about Slovaks as one of the oldest nations in the world and confirms the fifty thousand year presence of Slovaks in Central European region.

You had not to face the distorting of your history. You continue in deepening your unique national historical awareness. In Slovakia should be yet done a lot to enhance our national identity and national pride.We Slovaks should appreciate very much if the Slovak-Asian Chamber of Commerce could make with your help a significant contribution to the development of identical Slovak National Science relying on authentic historical and archaeological research. 



In terms of what I said, the relations between nations can not be dictated by transnational economic and political interests that ignore the specifics and differencies of national cultural traditions, customs and values. Intercultural intelligence should already become a constituent of intellectual capacity of people. But, one thing to know something on an intellectual level, and the other thing is something to apply in everyday behaviour.



Perhaps it would be enough, if I now say only four words, and namely: dignity of human life. The dignity of human life is on top of our scale of values. We will never be afraid or ashamed to talk about the dignity of human life. On the contrary, we will build our brand and global influence standing on this position.

I have no doubt that by our authentic thinking and acting we bring into the world of global dehumanized business some revival impulses. These impulses will certainly be adopted, because the world is tired of the lies and hypocrisy of global politics and economics. 


Thank you for your attention.

Jaroslav Melisek

President of SACC