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ELITE AGENCY is a full-service event, advertising and PR agency that specializes in creatively designing, effectively preparing and professionally implementing turn-key corporate and social events.  We provide an extensive selection of advertising and PR services with the support of a media marketing strategy.
WHY CHOOSE US? Through a responsible and professional approach, we have worked hard to gain long-term cooperation and trust from many notable clients. Our goal is to continue to provide our clients with quality and professional services and thus gain their long-term trust.
SHELTERED WORKSHOP. Our sheltered workshop REA integrates disadvantaged people into the work process. This contributes to a sense of self-fulfillment, satisfaction and inclusion within society.




We help shape business relationships between our client and third party vendors to help achieve our client's business goals.

We provide a comprehensive process of finding suitable corporate suppliers in the region that will specifically meet the needs of each client.

We contribute to the more effective achievement of company goals by helping our clients identify the necessary areas of development and assist them with innovative design solutions.

We provide our customers with consulting services and activities that significantly contribute to effective, rational and qualitative solutions to complex projects and tasks.

Based on our expertise of the local market and statutory relegations, we are known for helping our clients find and/or redesign their business contracts to enhance long term business benefits while decreasing the cost. Our strategic partnership with our clients has proven to be key for their long term scalability and growth within the Slovak market.

PUBLIC RELATIONS. Acquire new partners and customers with an effective PR campaign that conveys a positive image of your company. We utilize our experience, comprehensive knowledge and good relationships in our work. We provide clients with a clear vision, creative ideas and workable solutions for corporate communications, as well as strategic thinking and expert advice in public relations. We are attentive to current trends and offer our clients the finest modern solutions to develop successful two-way communication with the public. With an effective communication strategy, we can build a stable and strong brand with a measurable return on investment. Our satisfaction is based on the fact that we help build our clients' brands and win the hearts of their customers for them.
EVENTS. In our work, the target group plays a key role, adapting the creative and production concept of the event and its program dramaturgy. In event marketing, we strive to professionally convey the intended experience, through careful planning, preparation and implementation. We realize that the way to successfully reach customers begins through positive experiences and strong connections.  Therefore, through such stimuli and emotional experiences we support the company's image, brand or products through events. We will create the basic idea of the event, including the theme, promotional materials and gifts. The event, which we plan and implement specifically for each client, will help to achieve and fulfill the intended goal that the event is following. The program for each event is a targeted, unique experience. We enjoy being original, creative and inspiring. We offer our clients a desirable combination of expertise and creativity.






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